Tuesday Power Plays

​This allows the trader to to see first hand how entry targets are set for a 72-hour period and time saver condensing all required metrics on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday Power Plays Program was designed to show people the steps that lead up to a successful trade setup. Each and every week that is a full 5-day trade week, we select 5 stocks in the path of least resistance, 3-4 of which are oriented to the upside while 1-2 are oriented to the downside.

On Tuesdays we give Entry, Target and ABO (where we are wrong – stop loss) numbers on each pick and the trades are designed to be closed out no later than Friday. This program will teach you the art of trading options.

Each week Tom gives a bundle of 5 different option spread trades (4 directional and 1 hedge). Includes text/email trade alerts but does not have a trade room included.

In on Tuesday, and out by Friday. Tuesday Power Plays looks for stocks that are breaking out from their Monday highs or lows to hold through the week.

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