This allows the trader to go either way in the market. This is designed to teach the application of a 24-hour hour. SQQQ will ultimately help the trader with short term timing, entering and exiting.

SQQQ is a two-day in-person intensive class led by Tom Busby. In it, he walks students through his 10 marquee trades for one of his favorite trading instruments, the SQQQ. This triple-leveraged ETF allows traders to capitalize on small moves in the Nasdaq and optimize them with Tom’s trades. Tom considers this one of the foundational classes for any trader’s education.

Students experience live trading and education in beautiful Ponte Vedra, FL (or online) where we teach 10 marquee trades on SQQQ/TQQQ. The goal of this class is to teach students how to trade both up and down markets during the key times that I term as critical to how the trading day and week unfolds. The SQQQ/TQQQ class provides a disciplined approach that is required to maximize the reward and minimize the risk of each trade. Here is a sneak peak of our 10 Marquee Trades for SQQQ/TQQQ:

1. The Premarket A trade setup in the pre-market to start the day and get ahead before most traders even get out of bed.

2. Opening Bell Trade This setup occurs during the first 30-60 minutes of the cash (day) market. Traders will learn how to identify and trade directional moves after the opening bell.

3. The European Close When the European markets close at 11:30 am EST, the US markets take full control over that days’ trading. We will teach our students the indicators we use to take advantage of directional moves following this key time of day.

4. Midday After US traders return from lunch they get to decide where to take the markets the second half of the trade day. For this setup we’ll analyze what’s happened in the previous 12 hours of the market and teach how to spot a reversal or acceleration of the current trend that day. Another key concept we will teach is how to pyramid previous trades that are still working (how to make the decision to add more to a working trade or to exit).

5. Closing Bell Trade This trade sets up in the last 30 min of the day. We will teach the indicators we use to find directional moves into the close. This is valuable to the trader in determining whether or not to hold positions overnight or to exit before the close.

6. After-Hours Trade Learning how to trade in the after hours is very valuable knowledge and training to have, especially on earnings days, when some of the top stocks like AAPL report every quarter. We’ll use the SQQQ/TQQQ to teach our indicators that can be used for any stock trading with good volume after hours.

7. The Day Trade Another good name for this is the news trade, as it can be entered anytime over the course of the trade day when an important news item is released. For example, this could be unemployment news, inflation news or fed news throughout the month.

8. Overnight Option Trade We believe options provide one of the greatest tools known to the knowledgeable trader. We will teach how to hedge a stock position or entire portfolio with options.

9. Income Trade Each week offers an opportunity for the trade to position themselves to collect income with option strategies to collect income. We’ll teach the setups we use.

10. Monthly Trade Each month offers the market a chance to reset to reverse an underlying trend or continue the underlying trend. At DTI we prefer to spend most of our time watching and analyzing the markets during the first three trade days of every new month. We will teach students how we establish a frame to help guide us through the month.

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