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It took 20 years, or about half of my trading career, to convince myself I needed to create my own trading software. I must have tried every company’s software available, but I always ran into the same problems: None of them provided me with the information I discovered is vitally important to trading the markets. So about 20 years ago, I began creating the RoadMap™ Software, and my team and I have worked every day since to make what we believe is the best trading software on the planet. I am confident you won’t find another piece of software on the market with standalone features as intuitive as these.

Compass Chart

It all starts with our unique Compass Chart. Traders must have the ability to frame the market they are trading, and our Compass Chart is designed for that purpose. Pictured here is the Emini S&P futures, chosen because about 75% of all stocks tend to trade in the direction of the S&P 500. Starting with the metric box to the left of the chart, you will find key data points that are readily available and easy to find. Metrics such as the average true range, highs, lows and opens are of particular importance. To stay on the right side of any market, we believe you must recognize that opens hold more importance than closes. Think about this: a race does not start at the end, it starts at the beginning. Every day in the markets, we essentially have a race that starts at the open.

You will also notice a few blue candles on the Compass Chart above. The DTI Method revolves around the fact that the market is a “global” engine, and we believe trading the markets should be approached from that standpoint. No matter where you live, when you trade, or what you trade, to properly frame any market you must realize that time of day matters, and it matters more than you might think. With over 40 years of trading, I’ve realized that markets tend to move during key times of the day. The DTI Method divides the 24-hour market into time segments when different markets around the world are in control. The blue candles on our charts are called Reference Bars, and they signify the beginning of each new time segment. We then have our proprietary buy and sell zones with their respective targets. This frames the market based on historical trends during key times of the day as well as current market trends such as volatility. We designed our Compass Charts to provide a clear picture for when to be long, short or out of any market with the highest probability of success. The Compass Chart is the heartbeat of the DTI Method, and I believe it is the single best tool any trader could bring to the markets on a daily basis. 

Portfolio Manager

I hear students all the time say, “I don’t want to manage my own money because I don’t have the time to sit and watch the market all day.” What they don’t realize is that the markets have developed a tendency to trend during certain times of the day. Knowledgeable traders do not need to be in front of the computer screen all day looking for opportunities when they have studied the natural tendencies of the market. They just need a system to alert them of what market is moving during those key time segments. The Portfolio Manager (PM) is a proprietary tool included with the RoadMap™ Software that functions as a momentum scanner. The PM works in tandem with our Compass Charts, and will alert you to what markets are trending off the current reference bar. The row of each market will light up green or red when it enters the buy or sell zones. This is our first indication of which markets are trending. We can then look to the “MM” column to quickly see which market is strongest or weakest. The larger the number, the more significant the trend. In the PM above, we can clearly see that AMZN is the weakest market.

Electronic Tape Reader

I’m a tape reader at heart, and many years ago I decided to take advantage of technology to create a table that would provide the intraday information I can’t get by just looking at a chart. So, the Electronic Tape Reader (ETR Page) was born. Tape reading is essential to recognizing support and resistance levels that develop in the market throughout the day. I’m not talking about support and resistance levels you can easily find on charts. While those levels at times will hold, they will just as easily fail and leave you on the wrong side of the market. I’m talking about support and resistance levels that develop throughout the day from order flow. Notice from the ETR Page above that AAPL has clearly developed a level of support at the $186 area. 

The ETR Page can also be used for trade management. You will notice the word “Low” in brackets towards the top left above the table. What makes this a great tool is you can change the data points to show the open, high, low, midpoint, close or range of each time frame. You can also change the time frame to whatever you like. Most of what we do with the DTI Method is based off of opens and a 30 minute time frame, so that would be the basic setting. However, to manage a long trade, I will often change the ETR Page to show the lows of each 5 minute bar. 

Setting up the ETR Page to show the range of each time frame can also provide some great information. Watching the ranges everyday around key times in the market will reinforce the importance of the element of time. You can also use these ranges and compare them to the ATR to help determine when a market may be getting over extended and due for a pause or reversal. 

Research Key

The Research Key is what I use every Sunday Night to map out my weekly planning session held for my TBUZ students. This table has all of the key prices over any time frame that you will need, and it is color coded to clearly show price direction. Like the ETR Page, you can get a sense of where key price levels are located by looking for recurring numbers. You can also quickly determine the strength or weakness of the market you are trading or watching. Did we open above the prior midpoint? Did we close above or below the open? How has the volume changed over the past week or month? Is the range expanding or contracting? Where did the market open a week ago, month ago, quarter ago, and year ago? These are all question you should ask yourself on at least a weekly basis, and the Research Key provides this information for you, going back at least 20 years. 

Custom Page

The Custom Page is the nerve center of the RoadMap™. This table will allow you to track 300 different stocks with over 50 data point categories. These include the usual metrics such as open/high/low/close, net and percent change from open and close, midpoint, average volume, trade volume and much more. You can easily link the Custom Page to any chart to click through tickers. Plus you can quickly open a snapshot of the DTI Code, our proprietary seasonality tool that searches 10 years of historical data to locate seasonally strong or weak times of the year for any stock.

DTIC Report

A favorite tool of DTI’s Chief Instructor Goef Smith, the DTIC Report is our proprietary swing trading stock scanner. The DTIC (DTI Code) Report will scan 10 years of historical data to find the highest probability swing trading setup for any stock traded on U.S. exchanges. This report is dedicated to the swing trading enthusiast who understands the importance of seasonality and each stock’s unique “code” for how it tends to behave throughout the year. Industry and business cycles, earnings trends, and stock movement based off economic reports can all be captured with this unique scanner. Our DTIc tools are truly a swing trader’s dream. 

Horse Race

DTI’s Horse Race visually displays the percent change from open in an easy to understand bar graph so you can quickly determine strong and weak markets. Any stock, ETF, futures or commodity can be added to the Horse Race.

The Horse Race is used for DTI’s IR Trade, one of our most popular proprietary option trades. 

Some of the best trades on a daily basis occur at market reversal points. However, taking the opposite side of a strong trending market is very dangerous. The Seven Eleven tool is a proprietary formula for determining key market reversal points. When our traders see the Seven Eleven light up green or red, they receive a confirmation that the trend has changed and the probability is now increased that the trend change is substantial.

Seven Eleven

Jeffrey C.

Little Compton, NJ

DTI Student since 2011


“Great class, great teacher, and once again a perfect example of how the RoadMap™ absolutely blows away any other platform in the business. Can’t imagine how anyone would navigate these markets without it.

Folks, I believe the RoadMap™ Software is the best trading software you will ever use. I am amazed at how much the RoadMap™ has taught me over the years. I still learn new tendencies in the markets by using the RoadMap™ to analyze and trade. When you combine all of the features I’ve discussed today, you can’t help but find the right side of the market. Just take a look at how clearly the picture below is telling us not to be long.

DTI’s RoadMap™ Software

When I first created the RoadMap™ Software, it was a $2,000 package for just the software. Now I offer the RoadMap™ Software plus DTI’s RoadMap™ Trader course for only $547. I can’t begin to express how much better the RoadMap™ is now than it was back then. So why am I willing to offer it at such a steep discount? To be honest, I’m just tired of seeing companies in the industry throw all kinds of confusing indicators at traders, claiming they will help you make fortunes. I want to teach you how the most logical and intuitive approach to trading the markets is usually the best approach. Plus, my team of instructors and support will be with you every step of the way. This starts from day one as my technical support team will contact you to setup a time for installation and setup of the RoadMap™. I like to say, “If you can turn on a computer, my support team will get the software downloaded, installed and setup for you. You won’t have to do anything else except start learning.”

Start Your Journey to Becoming a RoadMap™ Trader and you will receive:

  • DTI’s RoadMap™ 2020 Software 
  • A 15 part (500+ minutes) on-demand course on setting up and trading with the RoadMap™ Software
  • The 24-hour clock as a guide to trading the cash market
  • How to gather Key Numbers
  • Learning Trade Management

* DTI’s RoadMap™ Software requires a data feed connection from one of the following data providers: IQ Feed, eSignal, OptionsXpress, Interactive Brokers, Trade Direct Pro… Please call 800-745-7444 with any questions!

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