This program was designed for traders looking to boost their income and experience early stage growth opportunities in small cap stocks.

IW52 is designed to capture income and growth. We use various strategies here to take advantage of the trends each and every week using premium capture as well as directional entry with options for short-term gains.

Tom hosts a Sunday Night Planning Session at 8pm ET to map out the potential money-making opportunities for the week ahead. Tuesday at 10:45 am ET is his “Connect the Dots” live Trade Session to announce trades, discuss open trades and/or discuss the current market. He also holds live Flash Meetings when market conditions call for it.

What you get:

      • A New Income Setup Every Week: Every Monday at 3pm ET, I will release my setups for the week, with the goal of producing income by using our weekly options strategies
      • Precise Entry Alerts: When our trade triggers, I’ll send you an email and a text message letting you know the entry, the target, the risk, and the reward
      • The Three-Part IW52 Masterclass: If you want to go beyond the alerts and learn the strategy, this is where you start: a detailed three-part masterclass with hours of content on how I think through, identify, and place these trades
      • Live BONUS Sessions: As needed, I’ll go LIVE and welcome every IW52 member to a special session to discuss our strategy
      • BONUS: Periodic “All Services” Trades: Every once in a while, I’ll find a trade so good, I don’t want to limit it to one service, so I’ll share it with ALL my members. As a new member of IW-52, you’ll unlock this special tier of trades as an absolutely FREE bonus

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