DOW Sinks for 4th Straight Day in a Row!

Wall Street investors have begun to voice their overwhelming concerns today as the DOW Jones heads into its fourth straight day of losses this week!

… With the week coming to an end and markets appearing to be heading in a downward direction, many investors are looking for an explanation for this sudden volatility.

Join us today as we review this week’s market downturn and what many believe the root causes may be.

A Rough Week on Wall Street

It may have been a short trading week in the U.S., but that hasn’t stood in the way of the markets taking a deep dive over the last four active trading days.

With Thursday’s markets coming to a close and not appearing to be faring any better as the clock ticks ever closer to the closing bell, many investors across the globe are looking for clues as to the cause with few finding any definite answers in their search.

Just this past Wednesday, following an already volatile couple of days in the markets, the DOW and S&P 500 fell for the third straight day in a row. Both are in the RED for the week and for the month so far.

It’s often said that September can be an uneasy month for stocks and often does not fare better in October either… And this historic downward trend didn’t waste any time getting started this year as last Friday’s less than stellar jobs report was released and the markets reacted accordingly.

As we’ve now seen, Thursday’s markets didn’t fare much better as the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P all sit in the RED mere moments before the day’s closing bell.

The August jobs report may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back in this instance, but it certainly isn’t the only thing impacting today’s markets. Investors all across the globe continue to voice concerns about the continued spread of the Delta variant, often posing the horrifying hypothetical question, “What if we head into another shutdown?

The answer to that question is what many economists across the globe fear as another mandated shutdown, whether it be globally or nationally, would hurt an already weak U.S. and global economy just when it’s starting to get back on its feet from our previous pandemic related shutdown.

With all this negativity in the air, not to mention the continued uncertain talk coming out of the FED on an economic reopening in the U.S., many investors have decided it’s best to proceed with caution until things become a bit more certain… And it is this widespread decision that has, among other factors, led to the downturn we’re currently seeing in the markets.

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